Matt Maholland - Solo Vibraphone

Vibraphone extraordinaire

Samba Groove - Latin Jazz Quartet

Jazz, Samba, Calypso, Bossa Nova...

Matt Maholland / Troy Olson - Vibraphone / Steelpan Duet

A rhythmic kaleidoscope with harmonies straight from the islands.

Matt Maholland / Roberto Bernardinello - Vibraphone / Bass Guitar Duet

Flamenco Steel Drums

Flameco guitar by Victor Rose and Steel Drums by Troy Olson

Calypso Trio Matt Maholland Vibraphon/ Troy Olson Steel Drums/ Roberto Bernardenello Bass

Matt Maholland Percussionist

Matt Maholland is a versitle percussionist. He plays many types of percussion for many different styes of music. This means He plays with a lot of different people for all kinds of situations.

The Matt Maholland Trio

Straight ahead Jazz.

The Matt Maholland Quartet

Straight ahead Jazz.